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Northern Access Floors are leading industry experts in Comms room floors in the UK.

With over 20 years experience, specialising in floors for Comms rooms, you can trust us to deliver a floor that not only looks good but is guaranteed to support your IT and Comms equipment now and in the future.

We offer the complete flooring solution for your Comms room, whether you want a totally new floor or want your existing floor refurbished, give us a call and our expert staff will guide you through the options.

We are able to offer floor panels that are pre-bonded with Anti-Static Vinyl or Carpet, with High Pressure Laminates or simply left bare faced, ready for finishing by others. (for standard colour charts – see the links at the bottom of this pages)

To meet quick start projects, we do keep a number of floor panels with pre-bonded Anti-Static Vinyl in stock.

Whatever your requirements, Northern Access Floors can deliver the right floor, at the right time, at the right price.

See Anti-Static Carpet Colour Chart

See Anti-Static Vinyl Colour Chart

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Comms Rooms
Also known as Server, Hub or Computer Rooms - are found in nearly all forms of modern buildings. Comms Rooms provide a point of convergence for all the building's data and telecoms cabling. Often the entire I.T. infrastructure is managed from here. Because modern businesses rely heavily on electronic data, these rooms are critical to the successful operation of the busines.

A Comms Room floor has to:

Support heavy racks of computer or telecoms equipment

Conceal masses of cable, whilst allowing easy access

Provide sufficient underfloor space to house all required M & E services (e.g. air conditioning, ducting, cabling etc.)

Be finished with anti-static materials, such as vinyl, high pressure laminate or carpet

Be installed with all associated items such as cut-outs, grommets, grilles, steps, ramps and handrails

We are often asked to strengthen, or replace, floors in Comms rooms that were installed by companies who are not specialist access floor installers. The replacement or strengthening works often require the IT and Comms equipment to be switched off and the resultant downtime can be extremely costly to business.

Your Comms Room is too important to take chances on, use the specialists.

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